HIV and Hepatitis

Hepatitis B, C and HIV Infection These diseases are caused by viruses that are a lot more common in certain populations an parts of the world. These viruses can be easily transmitted by a number of routes such as. [square_list] Blood transfusion Medical procedures with non-sterile equipment Sharing of needles (e.g. tattooing, body piercing, acupuncture and drug abuse) Unprotected sexual contact [/square_list] Remember not to let your guard down and put yourself in situations where viral transmission is possible. [check_list]

What is Safe to Eat?

Getting nasty infections from food is perhaps one of the commonest causes of illness and the main reason that your holiday can be spoilt. Here are a few tips on how to lower your chances of spending the majority of your holiday on the loo! Don’t eat in empty restaurants. Get to the buffet early, and don’t eat food that’s been sitting out too long. Some say Boil it, Cook it, Peel it or forget it. Avoid leftovers or reheated

Can I Drink The Water?

Diseased and infections can be caught from drinking contaminated water, As a quick rule of thumb. Make sure the any water  has been boiled with a rolling boil for a few minutes Drink bottled water from sealed bottles (check they have not been re-sealed!) Canned Drinks (careful with too much beer!) Water Treated with Sterilising agents is usually ok but follow the instructions And keep your mouth shut whilst in the shower Beware of Ice Cubes in your drinks that are not

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  • Nigeria February 23, 2018
    Latest Update: Terrorism section; Terrorist kidnaps - exercise vigilance when travelling.
  • Fiji February 23, 2018
    Health section – there has been a recent outbreak of dengue fever in Nadi & Ba. The outbreak in Labasa as announced in early January is ongoing; you should follow the advice of the National Travel Health Network and Centre
  • Brazil February 23, 2018
    Summary – on 16 February 2018, President Temer signed a decree putting the army in charge of security in Rio de Janeiro city and state. The police and army now both fall under the command of an army general. The army has previously been involved in security for the 2016 Olympics and since August 2017 […]
  • Bolivia February 23, 2018
    Summary – removal of information regarding strikes on 21 February; some roads are reported to be blockaded during ongoing demonstrations near the town of Uyuni; you should check with your local tour operator before travelling to the nearby salt flats
  • Burma February 23, 2018
    Latest update: Summary - the FCO now advise against all but essential travel to the town of Lashio (including its airport) in Shan State; Safety and security section - on 21 February 2018 a bomb exploded in a bank in Lashio, killing 2 people and severely injuring 22 more
  • Montenegro February 23, 2018
    Summary – in the early hours of 22 February there was a grenade attack on the US embassy compound premises in Podgorica. The attacker died at the scene, there were no other casualties. The Montenegrin authorities investigation into the incident is ongoing. Roads around the US embassy may remain affected for the time being; you […]