Rabies Vaccination and Immunisation

Travel vaccinations are an essential part of your itinerary if you want to keep safe and healthy on your holidays, business trips or gap year adventures.

We provide a full range of immunisations and travel vaccinations essential for foreign travel to most destinations however remote, we also offer up to date advice and antimalarial medication and we can even provide you with sterile medical kits and mosquito nets.

Our nurses are fully trained in travel medicine and are fully supported by our team of experienced GMC registered doctors.

Our team can advise you on everything from a full vaccination schedule or just additional ‘boosters’ to keep you safe.

We stock both adult and children immunisations, and yes we are a fully registered Yellow Fever Immunisation centre.

Unlike other clinics we hold most travel vaccinations in stock so that we can get you fully immunised safely and in the quickest time possible however late you have left it.

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